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Immersion into culinary trends, technology solutions and a vendor marketplace.



What's next for your career? Explore options for professional development. 



Carve life long relationships with friends, mentors and industry leaders. 


By Chefs, For Chefs

Our Mission

To provide young culinarians affordable and high-quality training, mentorship and inspiration, that they may become future leaders and chefs. 

As a partnership with the Chefs de Cuisine Association of California, the West Coast Culinary Conference is an annual event that brings together a select group of Chefs & Culinarians from high volume organizations including Universities, Hotel Groups, Restaurant Groups, Hospitals and Clubs.  In collaboration with the American Culinary Federation and the Chefs de Cuisine Association of California, we will be hosting a select group of passionate and aspiring chefs from all over the united states. Young culinarians and aspiring leaders as always welcome here!!!

Our industry thrives on collaboration, networking, education, and information sharing between member organizations and the food service industry. WCCC 2019 highlights will include industry trends, cooking demos, presentations featuring modern cooking techniques, implementing Menus of Change® principles, tasting new retail products and sharing best practices. 

Attendees are provided chef coats, knives, books, amazing speakers and an opportunity for relationship building unapparelled with any other event on the market. All presenters volunteer their time with one goal-to inspire the next generation of American chefs. 

Hosted by USC Hospitality

Inspired to do more for University dining and the Hospitality Industry, USC has partnered with like minded organizations to create a unique 3-day event. This is a non-profit event with a singular purpose- to develop young culinarians into future chefs and leaders. 

This annual event is co-hosted by the Chefs de Cuisine Association of California. The CCAC's mission is to collaborate and unify efforts through events and culinary fundamentals.