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WCCC 2020 Attendee Bonus

F-5 Mystery Basket: Professional, Two Member Team

The Mystery basket will contain 2 primary Proteins (one seafood) plus three supplementary proteins, four to five vegetables, two fruits, one starch and/or grain, plus 4 other miscellaneous items. Portions of all items are required to be used in the menu. 

Competitors will have a fully stocked kitchen and pantry, simply bring your knives and your ready to compete.

Menu Format: 10 portions each of a 4-course menu to include an appetizer course, a soup and/or salad and a main course (Dessert Course is optional but if included eliminate either the soup or salad course), 4 portions for the judges, 1 for display and critique, and 5 for service 

Set-up Time: 30 minutes. The menu is to be submitted to the kitchen judge during or by the end of your 30-minute set-up time and preparation can begin immediately after the submission of the menu. 

Cooking/Service Time: 4 hours total- Service window opens at three hours and 20 minutes. 

Service Time: 40 minutes - Serve ten portions of each course menu within 40 minutes allowing approximately 10 minutes per course. 

Clean-up:To start immediately at the end of your service time. You will have 30 minutes to clean and clear the kitchen. 


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October 17, 2020

Hosted at ICE Pasadena, 521 E Green St. 91101